Email Design

Website and email newsletter for 5 congregations spanning two locations in Whalley Range and Moss Side, Manchester.

Why do I need email design?

Like with any important information - whether printed, spoken, or online - catching the attention of your audience is the first step. And with so many other messages to compete with, it's critical to give plenty of thought to your presentation first.

Email is no exception. And it's not just about the content...

Even once you have your message, email presents a number of problems to be overcome:

  • Mobile Users - may have limited bandwidth, and certainly have limited screen size
  • Coping with the rules which different email clients use to display your content
  • Keeping track of who has opened or responded to your email
  • Making sure your email is not classed as spam
  • Dealing with Internet Providers who only allow you to send a small number of emails at a time

With 5 years experience designing and building attractive emails I can help address these issues. (Plus, if you are looking for a website, all of this can be included in the project too!)