Christ Church Liverpool

This city-centre church in Liverpool needed a full branding, website and communication package.

Having done some design items for the church in the past, I was approached to assist with their full rebranding project. The brief was to create a contemporary design highlighting their open nature, welcoming environment and involvment in the community.

Key Project Features:

Brand Design

Core church logo - simple but with gaps to signify openness and chevrons for the outgoing and interactive focus of the church.

Value Icons

A set of 6 icons to reflect the core values of the church: Prayerfully Dependent, Openly Vocal, Lovingly Hospitable, Joyfully Captivated, Distinctively Generous, Culturally Engaged

Icon Layout

As well as being displayed separately, the icons were designed to connect at specific points to create a tiled backdrop for other design elements. The icons are completely interchangable in this layout.


Fully-featured website including full calendar of events, pages about the various ministry groups and a complete back-catalogue of 5 years of recorded talks.

Mobile-friendly design

Automatically scaling page design so the site is just as user-friendly on mobile as it is on a desktop or tablet device.