The Pratt Green Trust

Hymn-Index software built using Adobe Air to run on both Windows & Mac platforms.

Stainer & Bell developed the original HymnQuest application for The Pratt Green Trust between 1997 and 2013, building a large user base who rely on the software for service planning. It contains one of the most extensive databases of hymn & song lyrics currently available (over 45,000) along with their accompanying tunes, composer biographies and lectionary & scriptural references.

The development of a new version for 2014 and beyond involved a complete rewrite of the software to make it available to both PC & Mac users, while retaining all the core index functionality. 

We have found Ascent Creative to be extremely professional and a delight to work with. Kieran was very quick to assimilate our complex data structure and technical requirements and was able to deliver elegant solutions which exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.
Antony Kearns, HymnQuest

Key Project Features:

Cross-Platform Application

Adobe AIR was used to allow the software to be written once and rolled out easily on both PC and Mac computers. This greatly cuts down on the amount of time spent managing the needs of different systems.

Data & Application Updates

The orginial software was re-issued every year on CD. The new version allows the project administrators to edit the data via an online administration system, approve changes, and create releases which are automatically downloaded by the installed software.

"Virtual Keyboard" Searching

The ability to play notes into the software and receive the matching tunes.

Score Display & Playback

To help users find and identify the correct tunes, the software can generate score fragments and audio sequences on demand.

Export to PowerPoint

Alongside the ability to copy text to the clipboard and print lyric sheets, the software can also export in Microsoft's PPTX format - on either Windows or OSX, regardless of whether PowerPoint is installed. This allows for flexibility when planning a service as the files can be created and sent to the AV operator from any computer.